Net Control Script for Weekly Check-Ins

If you are acting as net control for our weekly check-in net, thank you for volunteering. This post contains our net control script. We will update it as necessary. Attached at the bottom of this post is a PDF version of the script that you can keep on your own device or print on paper. 73!

SPARC Net Control Script

Five minutes before net:

Is this frequency in use?


The South Pasadena Amateur Radio Club will be conducting a member check-in net at 7:30pm. We request a clear frequency at that time to conduct our member check-in.


Other stations are requested to stand by during our net check-in. Thank you for your consideration. This is <call sign> acting Net Control station.

Start of net:

CQ CQ CQ. This is the South Pasadena Amateur Radio Club Check-in Net. My name is <your first name> call sign <your call sign> acting net control station.

This is a directed net. Please contact net control for permission to send traffic.

The purpose of this net is to practice handling radio traffic and to exchange club related news, information or activities. This net meets on Wednesdays at 7:30pm on the TELCO repeater at 145.18 MHz, negative offset, with a PL of 156.7.

All club members are invited to participate in the check-in. Guests and visitors are welcome to check in after the conclusion of club roll call. At that time Net Control will ask for visitor or guest check-ins.

When checking in, stations should provide their call sign, their first name and any traffic or comments to be shared with club members.

At this time is there any emergency or priority traffic before we begin the net?

<If there is traffic, make a station list and then call stations in order received for delivery.>

If there is no traffic the net will begin. This is <call sign> Net control beginning member roll call.

<Record member check-in by call sign. Acknowledge stations so they know they were received.>

Stations with suffixes beginning Alpha through Hotel, please check in now.


Stations with suffixes beginning Alpha through Papa, please check in now.


Stations with suffixes beginning Alpha through Zulu, please check in now.


Any missed South Pasadena Amateur Radio Club station wishing to check in please do so at this time.


Any guest or visitor station, please check in with your call sign, name and location.  Please check in now.


Any additional guest or visitor station please check in now.


Hearing no additional stations I will now begin station check outs.

<Call stations by call sign in order of check-in. Thank stations so they know they were received.>

Is there any final general traffic for the net?


If not, This concludes the South Pasadena Amateur Radio Club check-in net. Thanks to Bill Westphal WB6YPF for the use of the TELCO repeater. Thank you for your participation and 73s to all.

This is <call sign> closing  the Net at <00:00>

The frequency is now released for general use.

<End of script>

REVISED August 26, 2017
Updated with information on TELCO repeater, formatting.

Drafted February 7, 2015
Click here for SPARC Net Control Script PDF

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